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Modern Versus With Contemporary Decor

With home decorating terms and their considering meanings being forever changing, it is hard to keep up. Two terms that are particularly confusing are the difference between modern design and contemporary design. This is due to the fact that professionals are using these terms interchangeably, which does make sense. As of late contemporary design has become popular, which inadvertently does make it a modern design. To help you further understand we’re diving into the subtle differences of modern and contemporary design.

Modern Design
Modern design derives from a specific point in time. If you have a home with a modern design it usually; has a stark design, an open and airy floor plan, and a cohesive design is implemented throughout the home. The coloring of a modern home is usually based in either black and whites or saturated colors with warm earthy tones. Modern designed home decor has clean lines, embraces simplicity, and is often thought of as being sophisticated. Since a modern designed home usually has less decorations the larger home furnishings are usually used as the main decoration, which is why it is important to separate these pieces throughout your modern home. It is also important to carefully choose your wall pieces in order to keep both a simple and cohesive design. Modern furniture features smooth curves and substitutes geometric shapes for busy design details. Modern furnishing also embraces a more natural look, featuring natural woods and exposed metals. Modern homes are often found in up and coming cities, new construction, and many fully furnished apartment buildings.

Contemporary Design
Right now, contemporary design is all the rage. This type of design is very similar to modern decor although it brings in a more casual feel, which allows your house to feel more like a home. When designing a contemporary house neutral coloring is usually used. This includes but is not limited to; black, white, beige, gray, and tans. This allows for a great backdrop for splashes of color. These splashes of color are often brought to the design through accent pillows, area rugs, and wall art. Contemporary home furnishings are non-fuss pieces. This means they do not have any adornments, they usually bring uniqueness through varying textured textiles. Since contemporary home furnishings are do not have any adornments, it is extremely important to decorate them with throw pillows and blankets to create a warm and welcoming feel.

Modern design versus contemporary design, but simply they are nearly the same. With few variations these two styles of design are very similar. Modern design is more clean cut; less frills and decorations with a more “cold” feel. Contemporary design has the same color palette and similar furnishings, although they add in more splashes of color and more comfort pieces to create a space that feels more welcoming and homey. Combined or standing alone these designs are great for creating a home that will be envied by your friends.

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About Rustic Luxe Design

Rustic luxe design can be described in many different ways. It is a design style that has a little bit of everything. Rustic Luxe design is a great balance of both masculine and feminine pieces. The masculine aspect is brought in by metals and natural materials, such as wood, while the femininity is accentuated through light colors and a myriad textures. We’re going to dive into rustic luxe trends to help you achieve the look.

Every aspect of your home can become part of your decorating theme, including your doors. Rustic luxe designed homes often feature sliding barn doors. These doors are normally used to close off areas such as closets or pantries. Simply described; they are stylish doors made of wood which usually feature moldings and a natural or neutral color. Sliding barn doors sit upon metal sliders. They are a fun way to separate a space while still creating an open feel all while adding to the rustic luxe design.

In the kitchen a sliding barn door is perfect to close off the pantry, but the rustic luxe design doesn’t have to stop there. The kitchen is the perfect place to implement this design because it is easy to mix masculine and feminine decor. The cabinets are usually where the feminine design comes in play. Most commonly rustic luxe cabinetry is glazed in a distressed white finish. To add a little flair you can add glass doors on either a few cabinets, which would create an accent, or all cabinets, which creates a more open and airy feel. The same white distressed material is often brought to the fridge with custom doors, fit to match the cabinets. This is a great way to discuss your appliances, while also adding more feminist to your kitchen. The back splash in a rustic luxe kitchen ranges greatly with some designs being more masculine than others. If you are looking for a more feminine look it is common to go with lighter tiles, such as subway tiles, if you are going for a more masculine look darker more earth toned back splashes are commonly used. To tie in the masculine design, counter tops are often darker earth tones. Rustic luxe kitchens most commonly use granite counter, which not only bring in masculinity but they add the luxurious feel as well.

Continuing through the home, it is important to carry out the rustic luxe design. Living areas are no exception. This include; living rooms, sitting areas, and bedrooms. The most important thing to remember when decorating living areas is the furniture. Rustic luxe design revolves greatly around your choice of furniture. Purchasing a light colored couch, this can be of any textile, and placing it with more industrial home furnishings is a great way to achieve this look. Industrial modern pieces are often used to bring the rustic flair to living areas. This includes coffee tables, which feature a natural wood top and metal legs and accents. It is important to keep a neutral or natural look in your living areas. Throw pillows and blankets often feature different textures to draw the eye, instead of having different colors and patterns.

The rustic luxe design is extremely popular right now. This design is a great way to make your home look modern and chic, while still having it feel cozy and comfortable. With a mix of masculine and feminine design, high fashion and homey how could you go wrong decorating your home in a rustic luxe design.

Charlotte Lindsay has always had a passion for home decor. To take her passion to a new level she started a home decor website, which sells a myraid home decor. Browse the site at to find the perfect piece for you.

Reasons You Should Decorate with Taupe

Sherwin-Williams recently announced its Color of the Year for 2017: Poised Taupe. Susan Wadden, top color picker, describes this color as, “what happens when cool gray gets together with brown and has a baby.”

What exactly is taupe? Taupe can be defined as “a moderate to dark brownish gray, sometimes slightly tinged with purple, yellow, or green.” The word taupe, meaning mole, originated in France in the early 1900’s.

How do they choose the color of the year? In an article from Custom Home, Kayla Devon notes:

“At Sherwin Williams, six team members substantiates their color picks from a concentrated industry and presents a color story to all other team members expressing what the story says about cultural sentiment. From there, four final color stories are determined, which Jordan says is significant because there are different tastes and different things happening simultaneously. When it comes to choosing the color of the year, Jordan takes over, searching for the story with the strongest message and the color that communicates the larger picture.”

After choosing the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2016, Alabaster, Jackie Jordan stepped down; which gave room to Sue Wadden to enter the role as top color picker. Although we cannot be sure that the the current top color picker for Sherwin Williams, Jackie Jordan, uses this process as well; there is no argument that choosing the Color of the Year doesn’t happen by accident.

Why is this color applicable now? After years of seeing gray dominate the home design scene, it is about time that a warmer color would come into play. The gray-brown color adds a level of sophistication and warmth to any home and can be seen in many home decor companies.

Poised Taupe proves to be a dynamic, yet muted color. It has more personality than a typical beige or gray; yet it can coexist with neutrals and vibrant colors alike. We believe that this is the perfect color for those wanting to add some warmth to the overwhelming amount of gray that appeared in home design this year. According to the Huffington Post, Poised Taupe is “not hot or cold, gray or brown, dark or light, taupe exists somewhere in the lukewarm middle zone.”

There are a variety of hues from the Color of the Year picks from 2012-2017. From 2012-2014, cool colors dominated the scene. Then in 2015, Sherwin-Williams picked the vibrant pink-orange color: Coral Reef. Coral Reef was chosen for 2015 because it was, “perfectly suited to celebrate a mid-decade year that’s poised for revitalization.” This can be seen as the turning point for Sherwin-Williams Colors of the Year to follow.

The next year, the paint company chose Alabaster for the 2016 color. Alabaster represents the “less is more” mentality-perhaps stemming from the rise in minimalism. From there, another neutral color was picked: Poised Taupe. With Alabaster in 2016 and Poised Taupe in 2017, we can only guess what is on the rise for 2018. Do you think that neutral colors or here to stay, or will we go back to vibrant colors such as Argyle and Coral Reef? Who knows, maybe the bright and vibrant colors of the past will come full circle.

Not sure how to use the Sherwin Williams’ 2017 Color of the Year in your home? Check out their website. The popular paint company has put together several color palettes that best accent their Poised Taupe.

A Kitchen Renovation with Granite or Quartz

Kitchens are the heart of the home, it is where you prepare your meals and where family comes to gather together. A kitchen remodel is a large investment; however, it can also have the most bang for your buck. Thus, kitchen remodels are becoming increasingly popular. According to Home Advisor, your kitchen remodeling budget will be broken down by:

Design fees: 4%
Installation: 17%
Appliances and ventilation: 14%
Cabinetry and hardware: 29%
Countertops: 10%
Lighting: 5%
Flooring: 7%
Doors and windows: 4%
Walls and ceilings: 5%
Faucets and plumbing: 4%
Other: 1%

Even though countertops only account for an average of 10% of your budget, choosing the right countertops can either make or break your kitchen remodel. The top two countertop materials on the market right now are granite and quartz. However, what are the pros and cons of each of these options?


Granite offers a natural stone aesthetic with many variations in the colors and markings. Some may prefer to have a natural look to their countertops, while others are turned off by the variations.

Quartz offers a more consistent look and comes in a variety of colors from neutrals to striking colors of blues, greens, oranges, and so on.


In real estate, granite is often seen as a luxury item. It typically costs around $50-$100 per square foot. However, top-of-the-line granite can cost as much as $225 per square foot.

Surprisingly, quartz is often the more costly choice for countertops. This option can cost as much as $100-$185 per square foot.


One of the biggest advantages of granite is its incredible heat resistance; however, it also comes with a major drawback. Granite is naturally porous, which makes is prone to stains and scratches. Depending on the type of granite and how often it is used; granite may be needed to be sealed every 1-3 years. The typical cost to have it sealed can range from $0.68 to $1.49 per square foot. Over time, this expense can add up.

On the other hand, quartz is non-porous and doesn’t require annual sealing like granite. Quartz is hygienic and is durable against scratches and stains. However, it is important to note that quartz may be burned easily from hot pots and develop chips in the material. To repair chipping, a professional service is required.

Return on Investment

Given the recent scare of radon in granite, some homeowners may be weary of moving into a home with granite countertops. However, says, “granites contain parts per billion of radium…it is determined that there is a minimal and acceptable amount of radon in average granite building materials.” Considering the radiation we experience from day-to-day life, including flying and walking around the city; the radium levels in granite should not be of very high concern. Fortunately, many of those in the market for a new home see granite as a bonus and can add as much as 75% return on investment.

Quartz comes in a close second to granite, as far as kitchen countertops go, with an average of 60% return on investment. This could be because of their lack of natural looking pigments and colors. Although quartz can come in almost any color, a neutral colored countertop would yield a much higher return than a brightly colored countertop.