Benefits Fly Spray Around The Yard

Many people wonder if it’s still okay these days to use fly spray around the yard. After all, we live in a time when the notion of spraying chemicals is a totally stupid idea, but what many people fail to realize is that today’s spray bears no relation to those of 30 years ago.

The thing to remember about the use of any kind of spray is that while you might get some visible results when using the spray approach for the adult flies, the real business is often to be done on the invisible front. This is the business of killing of the larvae and the pupae.

The whole approach needs to be integrated in order to get the optimum results and this is a point not easily appreciated by those trying to get the most out of their business and in need of fast results.

However, over a 6-month or yearly period, there is nothing quite as deadly as an organic approach mixing fly traps and repellents (including sprays) with predators.

It’s often a case of each to his or her own. There are those who prefer to keep all chemicals out of their yards whilst others may want to avoid the mess and fuss (as they see it) of using traps and bait. The options should be explored before jumping into any decision.

Another point to remember is that there are so many different types of flies that you can’t use one option to kill or control all of them. There are more than 11,000 different types of flies in the world. These break down into all kinds of types that include midges, gnats and mosquitoes. They all have the basic type of structure in common and they all have maggots in their larval form.

The way to use fly spray nowadays is not, as so many people think, to spray at them and hope that they die from it. This is how the old nasty chemicals used to work. They were so potent and dangerous that you’d probably kill your neighbor if you sprayed it directly in his face!

Nowadays, the fly spray around the yard is really better classed as a fly repellent. You can used some of this stuff  (made from citronella, catnip and such natural commodities) not for killing flies per se, but for ensuring that there’ll be no more flies in in house or in your yard. It’s used as a natural mosquito repellent too and it’s something not to be confused with insecticides which, by their name, mean that it is a fly or mosquito killer.