Handbook of Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture

It is to fill the need for consolidated information in ready reference form that this “ Handbook on Tropical and ... Nevertheless , research workers and students also will find it of value because of its up to date and extensive ...

Author: Ernest Mortensen


ISBN: UOM:39015001937229

Category: Agriculture

Page: 186

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Handbook of Tropical and Sub tropical Horticulture

It is to fill the need for consolidated information in ready reference form that this " Handbook on Tropical and ... Nevertheless , research workers and students also will find it of value because of its up to date and extensive ...

Author: Ernest Mortensen


ISBN: OSU:32435011786407

Category: Horticulture

Page: 260

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Garden Practices and Their Science

A Handbook for Horticultural Students. Peter Dawson, South Harting. This is a detailed and extensive account of the wide range of topics embraced within the discipline of horticulture. Dixon, G. R. & Aldous, D. E. (ed.) (2014).

Author: Geoff Dixon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315457796

Category: Gardening

Page: 282

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Written in a clear and accessible style, Garden Practices and Their Science guides gardeners in the practical arts of plant husbandry and in their understanding of its underpinning principles. The author, Professor Geoff Dixon, is an acknowledged and internationally respected horticulturist and microbiologist; he intertwines these arts and principles carefully, expertly leading readers from one to the other. Achieving the manipulation of plant life is described in eight full-colour, well-illustrated chapters covering the growing of potatoes, bulb onions, legumes, small-seeded vegetables, soft fruit, bulbs and herbaceous ornamentals in great detail. Environmental factors controlling the successful husbandry of these crops is described in simple, non-technical language, increasing gardeners’ enjoyment and competence. Gardeners are also informed of the tools and equipment they require and their safe use. Also provided are a series of simple, straightforward tests identifying the aerial and soil environments beneficial for plant growth using readily accessible domestic tools. Discussions of very straightforward techniques for vegetative propagation conclude this book. Each chapter ends with a list of the gardening knowledge that has been gained by readers. The structure of this book fulfils a longstanding need for descriptions of practical skills integrated with the corresponding biological reactions of plants. Emphasis is placed on gardeners’ development of healthy soils, which encourage vigorous, active root systems capable of withstanding stresses—an aspect of gardening that rarely receives sufficient attention. Tailored for readers requiring clear and concise directions, this very practical book is an instruction manual directed at early-stage gardening learners. These include people of all ages and requirements such as new garden owners, allotment-holders, apprentices and students of basic levels in the Royal Horticultural Society’s or City & Guilds qualifications, career changers, community gardeners and those needing applied biological knowledge for GCSE examinations.
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Horticulture as Therapy

two important reasons : ( 1 ) it provided the opportunity to validate the use of horticulture with another ... The Handbook of Horticultural Therapy was published by the National Council of State Garden Clubs for its member clubs .

Author: Sharon Simson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1560228598

Category: Science

Page: 514

View: 997

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Did you know that plants and plant products can be used to improve people’s cognitive, physical, psychological, and social functioning? Well, they can, and Horticulture as Therapy is the book to show you how! If you are already familiar with the healing potential of horticultural therapy, or even practice horticultural therapy, this book will help you enrich your knowledge and skills and revitalize your practice. You will learn how horticultural therapy can be used with different populations in a variety of settings, what resources are available, effective treatment strategies, and the concepts behind horticultural treatment. The first comprehensive text on the practice of horticulture as therapy, this one-of-a-kind book will enable the profession to educate future horticultural therapists with fundamental knowledge and skills as they embark on careers as practitioners, researchers, and educators. You come to understand the relationship between people and plants more deeply as you learn about: vocational, social, and therapeutic programs in horticulture special populations including children, older adults, those who exhibit criminal behavior, and those with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health disorders, or traumatic brain injury use of horticultural therapy in botanical gardening and community settings adaptive gardening techniques applied research documentation and assessment in horticultural practice Horticulture as Therapy establishes, integrates, and communicates a foundation of knowledge for horticultural therapists, other therapists, horticulturists, students, research scientists, gardeners, and others interested in this special and unique kind of therapy. By reading Horticulture as Therapy, you will see how you can make a difference in the health and well-being of so many people, today and tomorrow.
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The Horticultural Exhibitors Handbook

A Treatise on Cultivating, Exhibiting, and Judging Plants, Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables William Williamson. LIBRARY Michi University vie 1 Tel : THE HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITORS ' HANDBOOK . HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITORS.

Author: William Williamson


ISBN: MSU:31293027519069

Category: Floriculture

Page: 232

View: 683

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Annual Report of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society

... themselves . in close communication with persons having charge of any horticultural industry , that proper material may be collected , collated and prepared for statistical information to be published in a handbook of horticulture .

Author: Minnesota State Horticultural Society


ISBN: UCAL:$B229128

Category: Fruit-culture


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Breeding of Horticultural Crops

An excellent compendium useful for : both the students , researchers in the field of agriculture , botany , horticulture ... Transgenic Animals in Agriculture : J. D. Murray ( Indian Print ) Handbook of Horticultural Sciences : 12 Vol .

Author: N. Kumar

Publisher: New India Publishing

ISBN: 8189422049

Category: Horticultural crops

Page: 202

View: 344

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The book has been designed with the main consideration to serve a dual purpose of being a text and reference. Keeping this thing in mind the entire book has been divided into three major parts. The first part deals with the principles and methods of breeding adopted in horticultural crops propagated both sexually and asexually. The second part deals with the achievements in breeding of perennial horticultural crops. The third part covers achievements made in breeding of annual horticultural crops.
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Horticultural Science

This book, with its collection of approximately 700 competencies grouped into 11 instructional areas, meets that need."--Page 1.

Author: Brian Ingvalson


ISBN: 0913163341

Category: Gardening

Page: 52

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This handbook contains 700 competencies in 11 instructional areas plus space to write in competencies unique to a specific area. This handbook has been designed with the advise of current horticultural instructors who use these competencies in daily classroom activities.
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