The Bodyguard

I'm missing the first half of the Packers-Viking game and I'm not all that happy about it.” 'S DESK. “HEY PHIL “Let me see what I can do,” he says. “Thanks.” “It's pre-season football, you know,” he says. “It doesn't really count.

Author: Pamela DuMond

Publisher: Pamela DuMond


Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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A Second Chances romance with humor, steam, and all the feels. Maia the Midwesterner cute meets Max the So-Cal University Hot Guy on her first night in the City of Angels. Maia’s got a secret – she’s trying to save a life. Max has a secret – he’s atoning for the one he damaged. Maia makes Max laugh. Max shelters Maia. Hearts crack open. Magic happens... Maybe they should have revealed their secrets earlier… A Story of Hope. A Story of Love. A Story of Redemption. __ THE BODYGUARD: A Playing Dirty Romantic Comedy © 2020 is the steamier, more explicit, updated version of The Story of You and Me © 2013 and contains newly written content. Both books are written by Pamela DuMond. __ PLAYING DIRTY Stand Alone Romantic Comedies include: THE CLIENT THE MATCHMAKER THE BODYGUARD 1 - Click a PLAYING DIRTY Romantic Comedy now!
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Beyond Grief and Nothing

Unamused , however , Packer has his bodyguard apprehend the hapless " assassin , " a nerdy little guy wearing a Disney World T - shirt , and then coldly kicks him hard in the crotch ( he even attacks the paparazzi who record the cheap ...

Author: Joseph Dewey

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570036446

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 172

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In the closing decade of the twentieth century, Don DeLillo emerged from the privileged status of a writer's writer to become by any measure - productivity, influence, scope, gravitas - the dominant novelist of fin-de-millennium America. Beginning in 1982 with The Names and continuing with White Noise and Underworld, DeLillo defined himself as a provocative, articulate anatomist of American culture. Dewey offers an astute assessment of this daunting yet important writer's four-decade cultural critique. Dewey finds DeLillo's concerns to be organized around three rubrics that mark the writer's own creative evolution: the love of the street, the embrace of the word, and the celebration of the soul. Dewey takes the reader through the novelist's hip avant-garde satires of the mid-1960s, his dense interrogations of the power of language and the spell of narrative in the 1980s and 1990s, and his recent efforts to transcend the immediate. Dewey explores DeLillo's fascination with Eastern philosophies, interest in Native American traditions, passion for jazz, and deep roots in Catholicism.
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Bodyguard to the Packers

Jerry Parins began his career as a policeman in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Author: Jerry Parins


ISBN: 0982000901

Category: Police, Private

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Jerry Parins began his career as a policeman in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When he became director of security for the Green Bay Packers, he brought with him his knowledge of law enforcement and a dedication to protecting the citizens of his hometown. Jerry safeguarded many of the greatest names in NFL history while making Lambeau Field safe for countless fans.On the road, Jerry kept the players in their hotel rooms at night and out of the troubles that young men loaded with cash so easily get into. He kept them out of the headlines and out of the courts, and kept them clean and sober and ready to play football. He also prepared Lambeau Field for visiting dignitaries like President Bush. Jerry had to combine the finesse and consistent good cheer of a public relations expert with the operational knowledge that only a former detective could understand.Diagnosed with colon cancer, Jerry endured chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. He battled cancer to a standstill, and encourages his readers to overcome their fears of life-saving medical screenings.
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Sir Frank Packer

... Jockey Club (AJC), attended the Derby race meeting at Randwick. They encountered each other near the official stand and fisticuffs ensued. A burly man who appears to have been Norton's bodyguard intervened to hit out at Packer.

Author: Bridget Griffin-Foley

Publisher: Sydney University Press

ISBN: 9781743323823

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 362

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Legendary media baron Sir Frank Packer was pugnacious, autocratic and always controversial. After joining forces with Labor politician E.G. Theodore to establish Australian Consolidated Press and the Women's Weekly in the 1930s, his empire grew to encompass newspapers, magazines and the Nine television network.
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Allegories of the End of Capitalism

Given that the primary role in the film of the now dead bodyguard was to protect Packer from a “specific and categorical” threat on the billionaire's life, this off-handed execution constitutes a willful self-exposure to danger as well ...

Author: Milo Sweedler

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781785358630

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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In Allegories of the End of Capitalism, Milo Sweedler examines how filmmakers from six different countries, across four continents, give narrative and audio-visual form to the frustration and anger that burst into public view in 2011, the ongoing class war between the super-rich and the rest of the world's population, and the insurrection that it yet to come. Films examined include Melancholia, Cosmopolis, Suffragette, Django Unchained, Elysium and Snowpiercer. "Allegories of the End of Capitalism ventures beyond the typical ambit of Hollywood Left productions to provide astute readings of six films from around the globe that agitate for revolution.' - Kirk Boyle, co-editor of The Great Recession in Fiction, Film, and Television
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The Nurse s Bodyguard

She was wearing an oversized Green Bay Packers jersey, which reached almost to her knees, and she was barefoot. His mouth was suddenly dry and his heart started beating irregularly. Not fully conscious of what he was doing, he stood.

Author: Melanie Mitchell

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460337615

Category: Fiction

Page: 378

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A danger she can't understand Claire Olsen has been in Seoul, South Korea, for only one month. She doesn't know anyone—aside from her roommate and her colleagues at the medical center—and she certainly doesn't know why someone would attack her. Desperate to forget about the violent mugging, Claire tries to focus on her nursing, but one man won't let her hide from the truth. Naval intelligence officer Luke Llewellyn is determined to keep Claire safe, whether she wants him to or not. But finding out why she's been targeted means helping Claire unearth the secrets of her past. And following his heart means trusting Claire with his own secrets….
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Gathering Storm

The moment Blancanales engaged the packers, Santos's bodyguard stepped in front of his employer and the buyer. The bulky Mexican dragged a large pistol from under his coat and drew down on Lyons, firing as he moved.

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 9781460372982

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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STONY MAN Ready to respond to any threat against America, her allies or world stability, Stony Man is a strictly off-the-books operation whose orders come straight from the Oval Office. Now it's a war situation for Stony Man, and the countdown has begun for a plot aimed at fullblown destabilization of the Middle East—and pure terror unleashed in the heart of the West. WINDS OF WAR The enemy: Iraq's former ruling regime and loyal fedayeen soldiers. Their mandate to reclaim control in Iraq is to inflict as much devastation as they can on specified Western targets and create total anarchy in the Middle East. They've got the means, money and power in high places—and to prove it, they just blew up a town in Texas. All that stands between freedom and the unthinkable is a group of diehard warriors who specialize in pulling off the impossible.
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Pluralist Desires

And yet Packer has no interest in epistemological questions; he is in fact only interested in experiencing the past ... Bodyguard Torval blocks out or prestructures the immediate sense impressions Packer might have been exposed to and ...

Author: Philipp Löffler

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781571139528

Category: History

Page: 192

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Excavates the contemporary revival of 19th-century cultural pluralism, revealing how American novelists since the 1990s have appropriated the historical novel in the pursuit of selfhood rather than truth, fundamentally repositioning the genre in American culture.
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Postmodern Counternarratives

skyscrapers, investment banks, and especially stretch limos such as the one in which Packer spends his last day. ... standing outside the hovel of his murderer-to-be, his bodyguard's gun in hand, Packer reflects on childhood ...

Author: Christopher Donovan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135875237

Category: Fiction

Page: 259

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This book provides a wide-ranging discussion of realism, postmodernism, literary theory and popular fiction before focusing on the careers of four prominent novelists. Despite wildly contrasting ambitions and agendas, all four grow progressively more sympathetic to the expectations of a mainstream literary audience, noting the increasingly neglected yet archetypal need for strong explanatory narrative even while remaining wary of its limitations, presumptions, and potential abuses. Exploring novels that manage to bridge the gap between accessible storytelling and literary theory, this book shows how contemporary authors reconcile values of posmodern literary experimentation and traditional realism.
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Downtown Debutante

The bodyguard loaded them all in the trunk of his rental SUV as if they weighed nothing. Packer was nowhere to be seen, the traitor. At the last minute Brenna took Sonya aside. “How well do you know this guy?

Author: Kara Lennox

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460369463

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Diamond In The Rough Brenna Thompson's dreams of making it big in the world of jewelry design come to a screeching halt when her ex-fiance takes off with the precious gemstones she's been working on. Enter FBI agent Heath Packer, who claims he's there to help—but whose ulterior motives he can't possibly share with impulsive Brenna. Watching Brenna's every move is Heath's job, but believing the attractive artist could be involved in this crime is becoming increasingly difficult. And the more time he spends with her, the more he feels himself falling in love. But what will happen when she finds out the truth about the investigation? Does she share his growing feelings? Or will she feel twice betrayed?
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