Jesus the Peacemaker

In order to understand the prayerfulness implied here , one must first face the implications of describing the prophet servant as a sharp - edged sword and a polished arrow . When a prophet functions as a sharp - edged sword ...

Author: Carol Frances Jegen

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0934134367

Category: Religion

Page: 108

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Jesus the Peacemaker helps restore our appreciation of peacemaking as central to Jesus' life and integral to an authentic Christian life. With the passion narrative as the focal point, the author presents a Christology of Jesus as peacemaker. She raises the question of reconciling warmaking with the gospel of Jesus and leads the reader to understand some of the distortions that led to this.
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The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well Being

Jesse explains that, for “the great prophet [the Peacemaker], being born with a defect must have been a sign of some sort. It made it dicult for him to speak. Having the ability to be an orator was essential.

Author: Nancy Van Styvendale

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887559433

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Drawing attention to the ways in which creative practices are essential to the health, well-being, and healing of Indigenous peoples, The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being addresses the effects of artistic endeavour on the “good life”, or mino-pimatisiwin in Cree, which can be described as the balanced interconnection of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. In this interdisciplinary collection, Indigenous knowledges inform an approach to health as a wider set of relations that are central to well-being, wherein artistic expression furthers cultural continuity and resilience, community connection, and kinship to push back against forces of fracture and disruption imposed by colonialism. The need for healing—not only individuals but health systems and practices—is clear, especially as the trauma of colonialism is continually revealed and perpetuated within health systems. The field of Indigenous health has recently begun to recognize the fundamental connection between creative expression and well-being. This book brings together scholarship by humanities scholars, social scientists, artists, and those holding experiential knowledge from across Turtle Island to add urgently needed perspectives to this conversation. Contributors embrace a diverse range of research methods, including community-engaged scholarship with Indigenous youth, artists, Elders, and language keepers. The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being demonstrates the healing possibilities of Indigenous works of art, literature, film, and music from a diversity of Indigenous peoples and arts traditions. This book will resonate with health practitioners, community members, and any who recognize the power of art as a window, an entryway to access a healthy and good life.
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Blood at Sundown

“I'm gonna ask you one more time,” Prophet told the young hardtail lying at the base of the window through which the cold wind blew. “Where's Hatchley?” He pressed the Peacemaker's barrel more firmly against the young hardcase's right ...

Author: Peter Brandvold

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 9780786043491

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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A novel of brutality and justice in the Dakota territory from the Spur Award finalist: “Brandvold writes a lot like L’Amour.”—The Forum (Fargo, ND) In Lou Prophet’s lawless West, justice comes from the barrel of a gun—his gun. Peter Brandvold’s acclaimed two-fisted Westerns tell of the bloody days (and thrilling nights) of the bounty hunter called Prophet, and the dangerous woman he dared to love. . . . BLOOD AT SUNDOWN Lou Prophet and the deadly Louisa Bonaventure have torn a bloody swath across Dakota territory in search of the Griff Hatchley gang. When they finally catch up to them, an epic blizzard threatens to turn the Dakota prairie into a frozen hell. To bag their prey before the storm hits, Prophet and Louisa split up—and take separate paths towards damnation. DEATH IN THE SNOW Prophet’s course takes him into a town packed to the gills with the deadliest outlaws that roamed the frontier, while Louisa gets caught in Sundown, a one-horse town where a hatchet-wielding maniac threatens to paint Main Street red. When spring’s thaw comes, they’ll find a city of corpses beneath the snow. And nobody gives a damn about the law . . . “Here’s a writer with the hot, fast violence of the early Mickey Spillane and the guts to write what he wants.”—Tom McNulty, Dispatches From the Last Outlaw
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Soul Signs

VOUR SIGN 4-1: YOUR IDEAL MATE'S SIGN WA”: Retrospective Traveler Soul or Prophet Soul FIRE O Dreaming Neil/horn Soul, Prophet Soul, or Traveler Soul Bright Star Newhorn Soul or Prophet Soul 1 -__£ m Hunter Seeker Soul or Peacemaker ...

Author: Rosemary Altea

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 9781594862298

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 311

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A leading spiritual medium introduces her system of soul typing, explaining how the thirteen soul signs can provide a basic understanding of human nature, relationships, and emotions.
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Hell s Angel

A hair faster, Prophet snapped his own Peacemaker from its holster and squeezed the trigger. The shot exploded the somnolent, late-afternoon silence, and the dwarf stopped in his tracks and gave an indignant scream as his hat went ...

Author: Peter Brandvold

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101623398

Category: Fiction

Page: 162

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Bounty hunter Lou Prophet takes on a corrupt town in this western from Peter Brandvold. While on the run from Rurales in Mexico, Lou Prophet stops at the familiar desert town of Chisos Springs. Except now it’s called Moon’s Well. And it appears that more than the name has changed. It’s being controlled by the scoundrel Mordecai Moon, who even charges people for water. Lou Prophet won’t stand for such shady business, but he’s never made an enemy like Mordecai... When Mordecai has Lou beaten and sends him into the blazing desert tied over his horse, matters go from bad to personal. Rescued by an old friend and business partner, Lou is ready to end Mordecai’s reign of terror. And with the outlaw’s own girlfriend straddling sides, Lou will make sure he goes out with a bang.
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Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah

What an Ancient Prophet Says About Today Mark Biltz. actions. ... A peacekeeper has to keep two people from killing each other, whereas a peacemaker resolves the conflict and can leave. Islam can never allow Israel to claim ownership of ...

Author: Mark Biltz

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781629997292

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Could an ancient prophet hold a present key that will reveal the future? Jeremiah was an Old Testament voice, but he still speaks to our day. Alone and living in a time of chaos, he was a prophet and Levitical priest whose fellow priests and prophets wanted him dead. In fact, everyone wanted him dead—the political leaders, his neighbors, and even his family. At twenty-three years old Jeremiah was told to speak truth to power and not to worry what the consequences may be. God told him that people love to praise the Lord but refuse to do what He says. In spite of the judgments cascading upon the heads of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Lord promised a new covenant with Israel and Judah that would revolutionize their walk with Him. In Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah you will discover the following: The warnings from God in Jeremiah’s day are for our generation as well. Even when you feel betrayed by everyone, there is still hope. God keeps His covenant and will never leave you or forsake you. This book is a clarion call to all believers. We need to see the bigger picture: it is not about us but about God’s heart and God’s kingdom. God is looking for warriors who are about advancing His kingdom by storming the gates of hell and setting His sons and daughters free from the clutches of the greatest narcissist of all time. Mark Biltz unpacks two books of the Bible written by the prophet Jeremiah: the Book of Lamentations and the Book of Jeremiah. Biltz has uncovered fascinating Hebraic codes within Lamentations, making this a truly unique message for readers. This book will encourage you to persevere in your faith despite cultural shifts and pressures, much like what the prophet Jeremiah did.
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The Cost of Dying

Yet another rurale was spinning Prophet's Colt Peacemaker on his finger and grinning mockingly. More fury boiled through Prophet. “Thievin' devils!” he bellowed, or tried to bellow. “Shut up!” Casal kicked Prophet's left ear.

Author: Peter Brandvold

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 9780786044474

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Of all the legends of the Old West, few are as stained with ink, blood, and bullets as the violent days of bounty hunter Lou Prophet. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Heaven knows there’ll be hell to pay . . . THE DEVIL RIDES AGAIN After a hard night with his sometime lover Louisa Bonaventure—“the Vengeance Queen”—Lou Prophet decides to cool his heels at a local honky tonk. Things heat up fast when he defends one of the girls from a sadistic brute who also happens to be the deputy sheriff. And now Prophet is running for his life . . . WITH A BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD Heading south of the border to Mexico, Prophet isn’t the only man marked for death. The young red-headed pistolero Colter Farrow has made an awful lot of enemies, too—and now practically every bounter hunter south of the Rio Grande is gunning for blood. For money. For fun. And, now, for Lou Prophet . . . “Here’s a writer with hot, fast violence and the guts to write what he wants.” —Tom McNulty, Dispatches from the Last Outlaw
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The Meaning of Myth in World Cultures

There, he encountered the Huron prophet: Peacemaker. The prophet soothed Hiawatha's seemingly unbearable grief whereupon the two, Peacemaker and Hiawatha, went to subdue the monster Adodarho. This deformed man floated upon a nest of ...

Author: Michael Buonanno

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476633923

Category: Social Science

Page: 323

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Mythology—circulated in sacred stories (myths) and their reenactments (rituals)—is the basis of any society’s religion, and religion is an essential key to identity. Mythology’s meaning depends on the elaboration of identity in cultural metaphors that are at the same time ecological (arising from a society’s environmental exploitation), sociological (based on indigenous social relations) and ideological (couched in terms of a society’s worldview). But tellingly, these metaphors are embodied in anthropomorphic spirits, fostering a deep sense of identification with those spirits as well as with individuals who share in one’s spiritual devotions. This study examines mythology from a global perspective, citing case studies in cultural traditions from Africa, Europe, Oceania, Native America and elsewhere.
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Righteous Indignation

Facing the religious protesters at the gay pride parade, facing Jewish and Palestinian extremists in Hebron, facing my own rage and fear in these settings, I ask myself: Can I be an exegetical warrior, a prophet, and a peacemaker all at ...

Author: Or N. Rose

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580234146

Category: Political Science

Page: 386

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Rich and passionate essays on specific social justice issues from leading rabbis, intellectuals and activists. Will inspire you to consider your obligations as a Jew and as a global citizen while challenging you to take thoughtful action in the world.
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Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him in the Bible

Blessed (Makarios) is the man who is a peacemaker, for he shall be doing a God-like work" – (See: William Barclay the Gospel of Matthew, Vol. 1, Revised Edition, The Daily Bible Series, Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Kentucky, ...

Author: Dr. S.M. Mohiuddin Habibi

Publisher: iExpertini Limited

ISBN: 9781435727380

Category: Religion

Page: 740

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The greatest hope of all the religious groups that awaited for scores of centuries with a dogma of their own Holy Books which witnessed the glory and the majesty of that personality called as 'Muhammad' and 'Ahmad' – 'the Glorious' and 'the Praised', on whom be peace and lasting blessings, which certainly got fulfilled when he finally arrived on the stage of the history. The Scriptures of the Prophets that went before him ended their tasks by heralding the tiding of his coming. Despite the textual corruption of those ancient scriptures, the golden sayings were still preserved by ALLAH, the One True God as a signpost for the honest and noble readers. The seekers of truth! Be certain of the fact that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the promised Prophet and the awaited saviour whom the Jews called as the King Messiah. His coming was prophesied by all the Prophets like Moses and Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them) long before his arrival, and he was also mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Likewise, the Far East Indian scriptures never failed to mention ‘his name and praises’ which certainly constitute a miracle pertaining to him and confirming his Prophethood. In the light of the above facts, how could a man of wisdom escape from this overwhelming thought? Or will he still deny this truth? Or will he still await and hope that from Heaven angels would come and guide him when the final Message has already been delivered by 'Muhammadur Rasul ALLAH' to the creation of ALLAH in general, on whom be peace and lasting blessings? Indeed, it is ALLAH, the Lord of the worlds Who Himself calls on us to acknowledge this truth in the Holy Quran: "O mankind! The Messenger (Muhammad, on whom be peace and lasting blessings) hath come unto you with the Truth from your Lord. Therefore believe; (it is) better for you. But if ye disbelieve, still, lo! Unto ALLAH belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth. ALLAH is ever Knower, Wise" - (4:170).
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