Stress in Teaching

(Raab 1971:392) Recent research into occupational stress has tended to confirm these conclusions. The results of the study of 1,790 teachers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland conducted by researchers at the Manchester ...

Author: Dr Jack Dunham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134920198

Category: Education

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The stress involved in a career in teaching has increased considerably in recent years. In England and Wales the implementation of the Education Reform Act has led to a whole range of organisational and curricular changes to add to the existing pressures of discipline problems, poor working conditions and low pay. Anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and even physical illness are just some of the symptoms that result. This established guide, now wholly updated for teachers and managers in the 1990s, shows how to recognize the signs of stress and how to develop strategies to control it. Its practical advice, field-tested in numberous workshops for teachers and heads, should help scholls to reduce pressures on their staff by the development of satisfactory whole-school policies and teachers to be more effective in the management of their own stress levels.
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Stress Relief for Teachers

amount of evidence demonstrating that teaching can be a very stressful occupation . Jarvis ( 2002 ) in his critical review of recent findings on teacher stress highlights three broad causal factors for this : 1 factors intrinsic to ...

Author: Claire Hayes

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415369347

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Explains the nature of stress in the classroom, focusing on how teachers can help themselves cope, and introduces the "coping triangle," a coping framework based on the ideas of cognitive-behavioral therapy.
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Stress busting for Teachers

A high level of stress in teaching can have a host of unfortunate consequences . It can lower a teacher's morale and undermine their ability to convey an enthusiasm for teaching . Teacher stress may undermine the quality of your ...

Author: Chris Kyriacou

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 0748753125

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Drawing on his experience of research and many stress-busting workshops he has run for teachers, the author of this book explains the nature and source of stress, how to pre-empt stress, a range of direct action and palliative coping strategies and what successful schools do to minimize stress on their staff. It aims to be the key to defeating teacher stress.
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Stress Free Teaching

A Practical Guide to Tackling Stress in Teaching, Lecturing and Tutoring Russell Joseph. Is stress a fad? Is the individual to blame? There is a danger that stress is seen as a fad—a pathological state, where there must be something ...

Author: Russell Joseph

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135792633

Category: Education

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This manual provides advice on dealing with stress in teaching. It seeks to combine self-help guidance with a core of professional reality to provide solutions that are effective and tailored to the demands of the educational sector. There are case studies from both the UK and abroad.
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International Perspectives on Teacher Stress

Furthermore, the statistical testing of a proposed model using longitudinal data might provide deeper understanding of teacher stress as a result of an innovation such as a curriculum reform. RefeRenCeS Aksit, N. (2007).

Author: Christopher McCarthy

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781617359170

Category: Self-Help

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This book is the latest volume in the Research on Stress and Coping in Education series. The authors present original research and current theory regarding the realities of coping with the stresses of teaching. The chapters highlight working conditions for teachers around the globe and the processes and strategies that teachers use to survive and thrive in their daily work with students, families, and educational administrators. Both stress researchers and educational policy makers will find the chapters offer insights into sources of stress for teachers, strategies for stress prevention and coping, and the negative consequences that stress can have on teacher retention. Researchers from Norway, Turkey, Greece, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Italy, and China illustrate through a variety of research methods both the centrality of cultural context and the commonalities of teacher experiences around the world.
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Stress Management for Teenagers Parents and Teachers

Most teachers feel stressed out at one point or another. In order to be free of the stress of teaching, you have to look at it, instead of running away from it by seeking easy solutions, which are often superficial and serve only as a ...

Author: Sarfraz Zaidi, MD

Publisher: Sarfraz Zaidi,MD

ISBN: 9781477506714

Category: Self-Help

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Stress Management for Teachers

This book presents a basic understanding of stress, in the context of teaching, and the effects of stress on personal and professional well-being. It also provides strategies for managing the many stressors that affect teachers, ...

Author: Elizabeth Hartney

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441137432

Category: Education

Page: 192

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Teaching has long been recognised by researchers as one of the most stressful professions. However, only in recent years has the scale of occupational stress faced by teachers finally been addressed by government policy. In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Hartney provides readers with a basic understanding of stress, in the context of teaching in schools, and its effects on personal and professional well-being. Drawing on recent research into stress in teachers, the latest political changes affecting teachers, and stress management effectiveness, she suggests a wide range of strategies and an exhaustive and up-to-date list of resources to assist teachers and trainees in coping with all manners of stress, from stress in the classroom and the requirements of administration, to career development and coping with difficult people.
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Primary Teachers Stress

This official did not view Tony's admission of stress as an indication that he was incompetent and could not cope in the ... At Mary's stressed school her main source of support was an LSA : The teachers were stressed out themselves .

Author: Geoff Troman

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415224128

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"The findings inform policy recommendations aimed at preventing at source occupational stress in teaching and other 'caring' professions, as well as offering advice to individuals suffering from stress."--Jacket.
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Stress and Teachers

The level of stress reported by teachers is not extreme ; however , in most studies substantial proportions of teachers , 25 % -35 % , perceive their jobs to be stressful . There is no consistent pattern of demographic differences in ...

Author: Bryan A. Hiebert

Publisher: Canadian Education Association

ISBN: 0920315046

Category: Stress (Psychology)

Page: 60

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Stress and Attitude of Women Teachers

Griffith , J. , Steptoe , A. , and Cropley , M. ( 1999 ) , “ An Investigation of Coping Strategies Associated with Job Stress in Teachers , British Journal of Educational Psychology , 69 , 4 , 517-531 .

Author: S.M. Rajeswari

Publisher: Discovery Publishing House

ISBN: 8183563244

Category: Women teachers

Page: 123

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